Media technology

Digital technologies have conquered the world in the blink of an eye. Anyone who is well-versed in them and uses them purposefully will enjoy decisive competitive advantages. We will provide you with competent and reliable assistance in this.

Conference rooms

Welcome the entire world

You are about to hold an important discussion with your distribution partner in China. You enter the conference room, quickly switch on the screen and the entire team is immediately greeted with a broad smile and a cheerful “good morning” from Shanghai. It doesn’t get any more professional or easy than that. If you opt for video conferences you save a great deal of time and money by cutting out the need for costly business trips. Also, unlike in the case of phone calls, you can see the facial
expressions and gestures of the person you are talking to. This results in rapid, highly reliable communication which can be carried out at any time, a sure way to successful cooperation between globally networked teams. We also offer you exciting extras. For example, you can connect your conference room to central calendar management or use digital door signs with various display options.

Examples of our services and features:

  • Planning and implementing video conference systems
  • Communication and collaboration across different sites
  • Central booking and management of conference rooms
  • Optional connection to calendar or time management systems
  • Digital door signs with various displays

Further information and use cases can be found in our PDF presentation: Download

Presentation technologies

Ensuring that you get your message across

When you’re giving a presentation you need peace of mind and the knowledge that the selected technology is one hundred per cent functional. Only when you have that assurance can you present exciting content with the requisite panache and inspire the audience. You can count on InfraStor to provide you with reliable presentation technology which ensures that you shine in front of audiences both large and small. Choose between interactive, more compact displays and projectors which enable large-scale presentations on video and LED walls. In any event you get ideally coordinated audio, light and control technology with practical wireless connection. We are a solid partner for rapid installation and implementation of efficient, effective presentation technology.

Examples of our services and features:

  • Presentation technology on a small or large scale
  • Presentation technology on a small or large scale
  • Interactive displays ensure a wide range of uses
  • Large-scale presentations with video and LED walls
  • Coordination of the audio, light and control technology
  • Existing technology can be integrated

Further information and use cases can be found in our PDF presentation: Download

Building control

You give the orders, the building carries them out

Technology makes so many things easier. While previously we had to walk through the entire building to regulate the heating, switch on the air-conditioning system or adjust the lighting; now all we have to do it push a button and it’s as good as done! Enjoy the convenience of modular, central control of your building technology, which we can install for you quickly and professionally. Managed elements include lighting, heating, ventilation, security, air-conditioning and media technology for audio and video. The strengths of our solutions come to the fore particularly in multifaceted applications such as in company buildings, hotels, restaurants, stores or fitness centers. If you work with us you can be sure that your building will do exactly what you want flexibly, simply and quickly.

Examples of our services and features:

  • Central management via an operating panel
  • Temperature and lighting conditions adjustable at the push of a button
  • Intelligent energy management
  • Self-explanatory remote control
  • Can be used, for example, in VIP rooms or exclusive suites
  • Easy maintenance and service options

Further information and use cases can be found in our PDF presentation: Download

Central management

Everything at your fingertips

We like to have one hundred percent control over the things which surround us and are important for us. Central management systems represent the ideal solution for achieving that aim. You benefit from central management and monitoring of your devices and rooms across multiple sites. Key data such as lamp hours, volume level and online status are transmitted to you in real time so that you can gain a quick overview and, if you wish, make changes in a matter of seconds. Other transmitted data includes device information, maintenance status or room allocation. You will be amazed how much time and costs you can spare if you opt for a central management system. We are your competent contact of choice for this.

Examples of our services and features:

  • Time and cost optimizationTime and cost optimization
  • Perfect clarity
  • A standardized solution can be planned and installed according to your individual wishes
  • Internationally renowned branded products from market leaders with the highest safety and quality standards
  • Service and maintenance by a fixed contact person

Further information and use cases can be found in our PDF presentation: Download

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