Technology partners

Our company supports clients while keeping our core services clearly in focus and ensure that various services can be supplied to our customers in a smooth way with the help of different technology partners. As a general contractor for our customers we are the central contact for all deliverables of the project at all times.


Logistics partners

Our existing knowledge has been supplemented by the profound logistics expertise of specialized logistics consulting firm M.E.S. Logistische Dienstleistungen GmbH in the form of a longtime, trusting collaboration. We use this knowledge and expertise for the benefit and purposes of our clients in global cooperation projects. Together we deliver customized IT logistics solutions that are tailored to the needs of our clients.


Partner on the manufacturer’s end

Solutions from leading technology companies in the IT industry serve as building blocks for the development of our solutions. This allows us to ensure investment protection, feasibility, and a high level of quality. All of our partnerships ultimately have one goal: the inspiration and satisfaction of our clients.